The United States of Great Outdoors

For this site, created for a client to encourage international travel to the United States, we built a custom responsive Drupal theme flexible enough to accommodate a variety of local language versions.

We built the site modularly, allowing us to easily add new design elements and content while keeping the code base flexible and extendable. We also created a responsive images solution allowing us to always serve the most appropriate version of any given image depending on the context in which it was being used.

This had a great impact on both performance and the overall design at smaller screen sizes. By serving smaller, horizontally cropped images instead of the larger aspect ratio images served to larger screens we lowered the page weight significantly, and were able to display more images at a time.

I was also able to develop a system to automatically generate maps for any location that we added to the site using a combination of d3, and a Drupal location module. The end result of the mapping system was an endlesly flexible, easily translateable way to add maps to the content as desired. You can see the maps system on any of the Regions or Destination pages of the site.